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Training for Sport Dogs

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Sport Foundations Group Class

Think you and your dog have what it takes to compete in protection sports? This is a private or semi private coaching program designed to give you and your dog an introduction to the world of protection dog sports. This program is also suitable for those interested in rally obedience or competitive obedience, or even people just looking to do cool stuff with their dog with competition level precision and have no interest in competing.


Gun Dog Foundation

A foundation course for gun dog owners wanting to train their own dog. Suitable for both recreational hunters and those looking to compete in trials or hunt tests.

Dog Profile

An ideal program for people who are short on time and want someone else to take care of the consuming small details of training a specific sport related behaviour to a winning standard, or people who just need a little help to get past a specific challenge they are struggling with in their sport training.

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A private or semi private lesson program customized to the needs of you and your dog that provides as much or as little help as you need. Perfect for competitors in obedience based sports such as protection sports, competitive obedience and rally obedience looking to improve their overall training or trouble shooting those little quirks that always seem to cause you unnecessary point deductions!


A board and train program custom designed to give your puppy the education they need to reach their full potential as a sport competitor.

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Problem Behaviour Training

Even the most solid competition dogs can have behaviour problems in their personal lives. This program is specifically for current or aspiring sport competitors looking for solutions to problem behaviours that do not negatively affect the quality of their dog's sport performance! Please Contact us to learn more about this program

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