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Problem Behaviour Training

We understand that living with problem behaviours can have a huge impact on numerous aspects of your life no matter what problem behaviours you're facing. Problem behaviours we can address include but are not limited to door charging, excessive energy and lack of ability to settle down, nuisance barking/whining, "bulldozing", destructive behaviours, separation anxiety, general anxiety and fear, firework/gunfire/thunder and other environmental sensitivities, chasing, fence jumping, reactivity, and serious aggression towards children, adults, other dogs, and/or other animals.

All problem behaviour cases start with an initial consultation that lasts anywhere from 1 - 2 hours. During this consultation we do a complete work up of your situation and provide you with an educated and honest assessment of your situation and go over potential options. 

Initial consultations are $150. The cost of further training depends on the severity of the behaviour problem.

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