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Pet Training

Our unique pet training program offers complete training solutions that actually work for you and how you want to live with your dog whether you want to get a good start to training on your young puppy or need to modify existing behaviour problems. We take a truly customized approach to training and its important that we understand your lifestyle and the way you want to live with your dog as well as the needs of your individual dog when deciding the best approach to take with training in each individual case.

While every Chaos K9 training program looks a little different for each dog, there are two crucial elements of successful training that lasts:

- Owner involvement in the training process

- Making training consistent and easy for the dog to understand.


Traditional board and train programs are a great way to make things consistent and easy for the dog, but a lesson or two at the training facility at the end of a board and train stay is often insufficient to ensure that the owner has the necessary skills to ensure that the training lasts, especially with high drive dogs and/or highly complex problems. Often dogs that have been in a traditional board and train program will do great for a time after returning home but then the training degrades despite the owners best effort not to let it. Private lessons are great for getting owners involved in the process and allow us to provide you with the information you need to make your own training decisions that suit your specific circumstances, but it can be hard to make process when both the owner and the dog are trying to learn at the same time. At Chaos K9 we have had great success in taking a hybrid approach to training where we balance board and train with private lessons according to what is best for each specific situation. Every situation must be assessed individually but in most cases your program will be a mix of both private lessons and a board and train stay. Board and train stays often include occasional home visits which give you an opportunity to practice the necessary skills needed to maintain your dogs training, and help us to identify any areas of concern that might occur when the dog returns home before the dog actually returns home full time. This hybrid approach gives your dog the benefit of being trained by an experienced and skilled trainer while also keeping you actively involved in the training process.

Please contact us to book an in person assessment or click below to book a complimentary 30 minute online video chat or phone consult

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