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Board and Train

Our unique board and train program is both the fastest and most effective of all our available programs. Board and train programs allow us to get to know your dog extremely well and gives us a more complete picture of your dog's behaviour. This enables us to produce results far more quickly and with greater success than what is possible through other training programs. A board and train is often the ideal solution for dogs with behaviour problems, and are also a great solution for anyone that wants great training results in less time. Board and trains are also a great option for people who have good dog training skills but don't have the time required to get the job done right. Owner involvement is a key component of producing training results that last, however it is much easier to maintain skills that a dog already knows than to teach the dog those skills. Let us do the heavy lifting for you with a board and train!


How does it work?
Your dog will stay at our training facility Monday through Friday, and receive customized training. On Friday of each week, you will pick your dog up and receive a training lesson to provide you with exercises you can practice with your dog at home over the weekend. These home visits give you an opportunity to practice the skills necessary to maintain your dogs training, and help us to identify any areas of concern that might occur when the dog returns home before the dog returns home full time. In some cases we may be willing to waive the home visits or the weekly lessons, but in most situations we find that both home visits and weekly lessons are an essential part of the process for getting good results that last for the long term.

Graduates of our board and train program receive:
- Support for the life of your dog
- Access to our boarding program and access to short term training stays so your dogs training can be maintained while you are away.
- 2 follow up sessions once a week for 2 consecutive weeks after the dog has completed the program and returned home.
- 1 additional follow up session to be scheduled as needed

Any required training collars, leashes, and/or toys your dog requires for their training is always included in the cost.

2 - 4 weeks $2500

4 - 6 weeks $3400

6 - 8 weeks $4300

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