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Our Training Philosophy

At Chaos K9 we specialize in working with high energy breeds intended for working and sport applications such as police/military work, protection, hunting, and herding. These breeds can be a ton of fun to own if they are trained correctly, however many dog owners and even trainers who deal primarily with average pet dogs often struggle with these breeds simply because the same techniques that work wonderfully for the average pet dog often just don't work for these breeds. Our head trainer Angie Barron understands these high intensity dogs because she has dedicated her life to working with high intensity animals to do the jobs they were bred to do. While she is now living the country life, Angie lived with multiple working/sport dogs while living in the city as well as in a family setting and is very familiar with the challenges of living with these dogs in urban settings. The cornerstone to producing exceptional training results that last with these high intensity dogs is to develop relationships between dogs and owners based on mutual respect and clear communication. Every dog and every dog owner is unique which is why we believe in a holistic approach to training that considers the needs of both the dog and the owner. For more detailed information on our training methods and philosophy please explore the resources provided below or contact us!

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About The Trainer

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Dogs have always been a very important part of my life as both pets and working/sport partners. I first got involved with competitive dog sport in the early 2000's when I started competing in Schutzhund (now known as IGP), and have since been involved with a variety of different dog sports such as competitive obedience, conformation showing, protection sports, field trials, and hunt tests. Throughout my career in dog training I have been extremely fortunate to mentor under a wide variety of different trainers, including some of the top dog trainers in North America such as Rudolph Meitzner, Jozie Nolting, and Michael Ellis. I currently own and train the #10 pointing dog puppy in Canada for 2018, the GSPFCA Derby dog of the year for 2019 as well as the #2 pointing derby dog in Canada for 2019. I am an active member of the German Short Haired Pointer Field Club of Alberta (GSPFCA), a professional level member of the International Association of

Canine Professionals, and am currently serving my second term on the GSPFCA board of directors. I have travelled across the United States and Europe to select puppies and dogs for breeders, sport competitors, and pet/companion dog owners.


Prior to becoming a professional dog trainer, I participated in a variety of horse sports and trained thoroughbred race horses professionally for over 15 years. During my time in horses I had the opportunity to learn from a number of very successful trainers and horses, including Bodhisattva who finished 8th in the 2015 Preakness Stakes against Triple Crown winner American Pharaoh. I earned my way to working as the assistant trainer for hall of fame trainer R.K. Smith before going on to train my own stable of horses across both Canada and the US. I also taught at Olds College in Olds Alberta as an instructor for the equine science horse racing programs.


My experience with training both dogs and horses at an elite level has given me access to knowledge few dog trainers ever get the chance to obtain. I have had the opportunity to put many training theories and methodologies to the test in a wide variety of real life situations, and I know how to get results.

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