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Gun Dog Foundation

This is a 4 week foundation skills program for the gun dog owner that wants to train their own gun dog. This program is open to all varieties of upland and waterfowl game bird hunting dogs, and the program is catered to how you intend to use your dog. What is taught in this program is catered to the level of the dog and handler as well as the interests and hunting style of the handler, but some examples of what we teach can include but is not limited to:
- Basic obedience
- Developing an "off switch" in your dog
- Gunfire conditioning
- Casting drills
- Recall training
- E-collar conditioning
- Training the retrieve
- Maintaining the balance between your dogs skill level and enthusiasm level
- Steadiness
- Playing tug of war with your gun dog
- Gun dog appropriate toys and games

At Chaos K9 we specialize in teaching a version of retrieve training known as the “unforced force fetch”. This method of training the retrieve does NOT mean that your dog will be free from the consequences of refusing a retrieve or that they will miss out on anything that is taught through a traditional force fetch. The unforced force fetch teaches all the same mechanics as a traditional force fetch, but in a manner that is easier for the dog to understand and more fair to the dog. The “force” aspect of the force fetch is simply layered over the retrieving behaviour AFTER the dog understands what we want and only as necessary rather than using force as a method of teaching the initial behaviour, which gives us the same quality of results as a force fetch with less damage to your relationship with your dog. 

4 week program $500

Contact us for more information or to sign up!

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